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Commercial Interior & Exterior

Keynote Construction Pinnacle’s number one priority is to establish a relationship with the owner. We garner trust through transparency. KCP provides cost information and breakdowns throughout all stages, from concept through completion. We offer design, building, and renovation services to fit our commercial clients’ requirements. Regardless of your project type or scale, we’re working to put retrofit within reach for you. We’ve got the people you can trust, the products you can rely on, and the support you need to restore existing buildings while making them energy-efficient, durable, healthy and safe.

When it comes to remodeling buildings, commercial projects are some of the most complicated. As such, it’s wise to turn to a seasoned professional for help. Whether your business needs a bigger warehouse or you’re planning on expanding an office park so you can rent to other businesses.

You undoubtedly have enough on your plate without having to manage a major remodeling project. From finalizing the blueprints and sourcing the materials to hiring the subcontractors and coordinating their responsibilities, it’s a massive undertaking.

Even the smallest remodeling projects, like adding or removing a wall, must account for building codes and zoning regulations. KCP is well-versed in all the laws and restrictions that apply to your design and ensure you don’t violate them. Our expert remodelers and installers make it their professional mission to bring every project to perfect completion.

Because of our massive network, KCP contractors can usually source materials for a fraction of their retail price. The larger the project, the more savings this could end up yielding. KCP also have arrangements with local subcontractors, so you could save quite a bit on labor over the course of the project, too. What’s more, they won’t let unnecessary delays stall the work, thereby saving your business on downtime.

This will not only ensure that you get quality results from the work that you get done but it also greatly reduces the risks of any accidents or injuries on your property KCP’s trained contractors in Georgia will have completed safety training to ensure safety while working on your project. 

Excellent service! The floors came out beautiful! The team was very professional and efficient! I highly recommend Keynote Construction.


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